Vargash Admin replied

195 weeks ago

Airship Competition!

The airship is progressing nicely, and will need a name!

So, suggest a name under comments here (or over on Facebook) and it will be considered!
All names to be suggested by 1st July. After that, all appropriate names will be asked to be voted on and the one with most 'likes' will be the new airship name, and the namer will win 100k.

only DECENT names, nothing inappropriate!
It can be ANYTHING, though, and does NOT have to be FF or NEO related :)
Eileen Dakwhil ~ meet me on FFXIV / Zodiark
*nya!* =^^=

Teragon Default replied

195 weeks ago

I'm not good at this but i will say as a name my favorite english word


Summer Skye Admin replied

195 weeks ago

Names to choose from suggested by members (names of members omitted to ensure fairness:

A Cloud's Embrace
The Ismenian Dragon
Whistling Thunder
Dragon of NEO

Choose your favourite by replying as a comment and writing the name! Decision made 1st July :)
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